I Really Enjoy the Outdoors Wearing Just a Diaper and Tshirt

One of my favorite experiences was the time I happened to be living in upstate New York and decided to go outside in just a diaper and a TShirt and wade and walk around in a very long mountain creek.  The water was only about two feet deep and it was a rush to just enjoy the wide open sky and nature all around me.  What a rush!  I spent the majority of the afternoon just exploring that creek for about a mile up and down in just my diapers . Kewl!

fredybear fredybear
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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I live in oregon & it's winter & cold but, I hope to feel free to wear a diaper in the public but, now I wear diapers all the time under my clothes, I am comfy for now.

dat really kewl ...... sounds like sumpin i would enjoy too

Don't remember you ever telling me that story, before. Spring is nearly here, in NM, and will be able to go outside in just diapers soon. Hope you'll join my circle and share pics. Still planning to be in Pgh in June. Dave