Public Pee In My Work Meeting

So i work at this clothing store thingy as a part time job and its pretty cool except for the fact that i have to attend monthly 3 hour long meetings and your not allowed to leave, ever, even if you were about to die ....its pretty sad. So anyway i decided that i would wear a diaper under my nice cute knee length blue skirt to the meeting and boy was i glad i did. It was a lunch meeting so there was snack and drinks and after almost 2 hrs and 3 glasses of lemonade i really really had to go. I almost forgot my diaper untill i got up to throw something away and felt its telltale securring comfort and as i walked to the trash can and sat back down i let go, and if i counted correctly peed for almost 2 minutes it felt so good and took everything in my not to rub against the wonderfully soaked daiper. I went to the bathroom after the meeting to change into a new one and it leaked all onto the floor ;) but thats okay because by then i had to go again and had a bit of an accident on the floor. :S thats what happens when you take them away..

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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

What you did, saved your Butt!! Diapers are our best friends!! We have on our Diapers for a reason, whether being in a meeting, movies, long drives ect. our Diapers come to the rescue and it feels great. No worries, no mess just Comfort and Relaxation!! MMMMMMM