Smelling Like A *****!

Many years ago, while at University, i had a very limited wardrobe of female clothes.  At the time, i was serving a local Mistress who would have me wear Her soiled panties.  Often, as i pulled them, they were still moist with Her juices and the scent of Her would pervade my nostrils and make me incredibly aroused.  On one occasion, Mistress noticed my more than obvious arousal and had me ********** right in front of Her and told me to *** into my hand.  i was then made to smear my own *** all over my face.  Of course, i could smell this too and it felt like it had caked onto my skin as it dried.  Mistress then sent me to the local corner store to buy some milk, dressed entirely "en femme" in short tight mini-skirt, seamed black stockings, suspenders, 4" stiletto heeled pumps, tight blouse, a bra filled with breast forms and a wig.  My make-up was about as slutty looking as my clothes.  i was very conscious of the two odours i was exuding, female *** from beneath my micro mini and male *** around my face.  i had never before felt so scared or so slutty in my life as i walked the half a mile to the shop early on a summer's evening, passing people returning from work, all giving me knowing smirks but thankfully no-one accosted me on my walk either to or from the shop.  i was dreading dealing with the shop owner, he being a Pakistani and devout muslim but i need not have worried so much for i was served by his teenage son who didn't say much but still gave me a dirty, distasteful look. 

i felt extremely humiliated by the looks and smirks i received from all i met or passed on the way and was highly relieved to get back to my Mistress' apartment where i was greeted with a warm hug for having successfully run the errand and for having suffered stoically such a humiliating experience.  i truly felt like a ***** as i walked down the street.  i knew i looked the part and though i doubt others noticed the combined scent i exuded, i did and i felt that my own *** plastered on my face would be seen by everyone which of course it was not.  The mind game though was enormous for i looked, felt and smelled (to myself at least) like a ***** who had just had a client and was on her way home and stopped for milk.

From then on, the wearing of Mistress' soiled panties took on a new dimension for me such that even today, wearing soiled panties brings back the memory of that one special time and evokes such strong emotions in me that i quickly become incredibly horny.

roxiefox roxiefox
56-60, T
Feb 10, 2010