This morning I happened to look in my closet and noticed how full it was with dresses and skirts. I sat and thought about how they all came to be there. It dawned on me that, as a married transvestite, my selection of ladies attire far supassed my collection of male clothing. In a relatively short while I also realized I remembered exactly where each garment came from, approximately when and any special circumstances connected with it... a memorable night out, any compliments received, a close call, if it was a gift or if I had made the purchase etc.

Many good memories crossed my mind as I looked at each dress and skirt...Each had its own uniqueness and I still recognized the special quality I saw in it from the start. All this made me feel so girlie & appreciative. What a great morning!

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Truly a great start to any day.I really only wear panties(daily) and sometimes hose or a garter and stockings but still I can relate

Sounds like a wonderful way to start a day, beautiful clothes and perfect memories. I have had similar memories on those occasions when I have unpacked my lovelies in preparation for a weeks dressing. I remain in the closet so having the lovelies as close as the bedroom closet would be a true luxury.

I love to look in my two closets and notice all of my feminine attire, some I haven't even worn yet but will wear one that is new. My drab mans stuff hangs on a clothes line in the laundry room all my fem clothes get the closet spaces. They are all special and will never ever purge them

Two closets just isn't fair!

It's actually not fair but it's better than letting them sit out.

Just sitting here rereading your story and remembered what happened last week. I was looking for a tee shirt to put on and came across the redish orange one you gave me and for the life of me I can't remember why you gave it to me. Any how the wife says to me " I've never seen that shirt before where did you gbert that one. I said I don't remember, but I did of course. I felt bad about telling her that so later I did tell her it was from you. She was ok with that and went about hr business and nothing more was said. Do you remember why you gave it to me?

I wonder will it be that way for me when I get a closet full of my own feminine clothes. I sure hope so!