Guy In Girl Jeans

I really enjoy wearing girl jeans! I prefer Silver Brand Jeans (from Canada). Since I am 6'4", an athletic fit, with long skinny legs, guy jeans were not cutting it. So, to avoid having baggy jeans, I started exploring with girl jeans. At first and to get the right size, I did some research and ordered a few pairs online to find my desired waist and length. After finding the right brand (Silver Jeans), I began buying. My first style was a pair of Toni's. Then the Tuesday came along, then Aiko, Sienna, back to the Tuesday's (which I like) and now a pair of Frances, which I am wearing now. I like the low rise jeans so I don't have to wear a belt. To buy a pair, I just go to the Juniors department, seek the pair I want, try them on, buy them and leave. I don't care what others are thinking or talking about. Quite frankly, it is about what suits me not them.

So, if you're looking for Girl's Silver Jeans, the following is a list of stores that carry them: Dillards, Bonton, Buckle, Maurices, Gliks, Getzs, Macy's, Ebay Sellers, and probably a few more. I recommend the Silver Tuesday Red Label Jeans.

And another thing, guy boxers and girl jeans do not mix well. I recommend wearing girl's underwear too. I buy Calvin Klein Microfiber Boy Shorts.

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4 Responses Feb 23, 2010

I always go with panties when I wear girls jeans. I like the style and fit of girl Jeans better !

I love Bongo jeans! They do wonders for your booty! I'll have to try Silver jeans! I have about 40 pairs of girls jeans, and very few male jeans left. The thought of wearing old baggy levis makes me ill.

Bongo makes some great jeans. Ever tried girl's levi's? They fit sweet!

I have browsed them but not bought - but I trust your judgement! Just sampling your albums and wow, what a nice body for skinny jeans!

Agree with you 100% on all. And as boxer things, only place for them Always, is in the trash.

I am with you because I have a smaller waist and wide hips. Different styles but, the same reason, fit!