Like Womens Clothing

Crossdressing has always been something that just came natural to me. My curiosity towards womans clothing, panties, pantyhose and lingerie was just natural. I have been crossdressing ever since I can remember, and my curiosity for different types of clothing, panties, and lingerie has only grown over the years. To realize how wonderful womans clothing feels and to pick up something and instantly want to try it on without even thinking, thats how it all started for me. Finding clothing in the hamper, laying on the floor or in a drawer and wanting to see how it looks and feels on me. I think for many of us who crossdress wanting to feel and see what we look like in womans panties, lingerie and clothing was not something we sat and thought about it was an instant response. And there is nothing wrong with crossdressing, those that enjoy crossdressing should never feel as if they are doing something wrong. Crossdressing is something that makes us feel good, excites us and relaxes us, so why should we feel bad about something that makes us feel good. Society can have there opinions and stereotypes, those that feel its wrong should take a look at themselves and not worry about what others like. Check out our profile for more about us.
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1 Response May 14, 2012

U are so right, I feel so good in a skirt and heels, kneeling at my gf *****