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Try It, You'll Like It

As far back as I  can recall I have worn girl's and women's clothes. I was drawn to them watching my mother walk around in bras and girdles, and panties and especially slips. When I began feeling them and trying them on I knew nothing would be the same. I began going out dressed at around 17 and save for one incident, have never had a problem. I've always passed easily as a woman.
When I must regress to my male role, I wear as much women's attire as aI can, sometimes dressing entirely in women's clothes but passing it off as being in men's things. To expalin, I always wear panties and don't even own a pair of men's underwear. It's either a bra or camisole on top, depending if I think I can keep my sport jacket on all day. Believe it or not wearing a bra to work is becoming problematic of late because of the growth spurt the hormones are causing. My boobs, in a bra, are noticable to some extent. Hey, I can live with that. And I always wear jet black pantyhose or kneehighs which pass perfctly for men's black socks. My shirts are always womens, man styled of course, and no one ever sees the right over left buttoning. They're usually always oxford button downs, in while, blue, pink, of striped. My trousers are from the women's department and with a careful eye, and a lot of patience, I have come up with a number of pairs that look like men's, and have the right cut to them. My shoes are either simple laceups or loafers.And I always have a very light, pink lipstick on.
So there it is. And when you think about it, you should be asking "Why can't I try some of those tricks?".
josilver josilver 56-60 2 Responses Jun 9, 2012

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Try Gloria Vanderbilt at JCP, they look just like guys jeans, then Compression stocking and knee highs at in women's, they are opaque in black or tan and look just like men's. Boots too with a low heel.
Women's watches are a bit smaller, but can pass as a guys too
My Bobby wears clear mascara some times and light pink lip color along with clear or very light beige colors on his nails and toes.
Camp shirts are also a great passable shirt in a women's and wear a white colors camisole under it, no one will ever know.

I agree!