Ok Now I'm Blushing Again

It started by me calling a phone sex girl. I got to know her quite well and she did a few favors for me so now it was payback time. Tiffany, was her name and she told me that i was going to buy her a new bikini since she had plans to go away for a holiday. After about an hour of girly bikini shopping together, she finally agreed that she liked the one bikini I picked out for her and I could order it. Before I did though she informed me that I had to get two. One for her, one for me and I was going to wear it to the beach and get pics of myself in it but the pics had to show other people around me. It was harder then I thought but I finally got a chance when I saw some girls coming my way and the camera was all set up. I was committed at this point but it turned out to be three girls and a guy. The girls loved it, they giggled and looked me over but the guy wouldn't look. Thank you lol, but the girls kept teasing him to go ask me out and stuff like that. As well they kept asking if he would wear something like that. It was embarrassing as heck but I managed to get one crappy picture out of it to satisfy Tiffany. I wonder how many other people actually saw me though, probably more then I knew. Tiffany posted the pictures online too and a lot of people saw them on there as well but its all fun. I like the humiliation and the girls got a good laugh. Later on she made me do something even worse and that was to tan while wearing it. I had tan lines all summer after that, it was so hard to keep my shirt on and not let me secret out. Several times I forgot and walked out of the shower in just a towel or pulled my shirt off to go swimming etc. I'm about due again though, thinking of it anyways. Any girls want to dare me or or better yet, order me to tan or go to the beach again? Have fun.
strippednakedmale strippednakedmale
41-45, M
Aug 4, 2010