I Was Caught Wearing Bra ....

it's atrue story wat happened today......i was wearing my teenager bra,,,and pink penty it was very intresting as i was travelling in a cab and i was wearing a light colour t-shirt over it so straps of my bra were visible.....as i was travelling some fellow passenger noticed about my bra straps ang the band and one passenger touched it to feel it...i was feeling embarassed and shy so one of lady passanger asked me about it and asked me why being a male i wear bra nut she soonly realized that i a a girl wrongly trapped in female body she gave me suggestion and motivation on my being a girl ...she asked me weather i have also weared panty ,i asked ya i have weared so she asked me to always wear the panty and bra,,,,,other pople were also speaking about that and when  i went to the place where i hade some work it was an institute i was sitting before a lady consultant there ther was another girl ...saviya ..so then there were three females that madam ,saviya and me soon both of them noticed me wearing bra and she asked me about that and she also listening to me realized my problem the same a girl trapped in a male body....but she asked me to be more lyk a girl asked me to wear shilwar kameez which the girls do wear ..i refused fist but both of them insisted a lt then i went in the other room took off my jeans and t-shirt and i weared the shilwaar and kamez and chuni over it as it's being used to cover the boobs and as i came out ...i was feeling shy they motivated me to wear it more oftenlty soon there were some boys i was really being embrassed but the boys saw mw took awhole view of me...and then left as it wa tough....i loved it.....i promised them that i will always make sure that i oftenly wear those as i am wearing bra and panty regularly...
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That is a lovely story and I hope you'll continue to wear bras and panties. I try and wear them under my ugly male clothes as often as possible, also with pantyhose. Someday I hope Jessica can be fully dressed and made up and in the outside world. <br />
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Way back when I dressed regularly before the big purge, I used to go to a shop that catered to us "girls" and I would have on a pink or other pastel colored bra and panty set, and some light cotton pants and light cotton shirt. Like you I would leave the buttons open a bit, showing a little cleavage, and the tops of my bra cups, but the outline of my bra and panties were clearly visible thru the very thin cotton material. I felt in heaven, finally like I fit in someplace.