Loose Or Tight, It Doesn't Matter

My friend of nine years has introduced me to jeans. Not just jeans, but TIGHT jeans. My friend wears tight jeans....so tight that you can see his underwear line. I recently purchased a pair of skinny jeans. My parents don't like them, well, because they are tight. I like them because they are tight. they hug the leg, almost becoming a second skin. Most people wear jeans. Most men wear loose jeans. I like all jeans, loose because they are really comfortable. Tight jeans are good because I can see people looking at me. If you wear tight jeans, and everything is hanging out so to speak, it doesn't matter...everyone looks...both men and women.
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

yes, I wear tight jeans and now wear girls tight jeans that show off everything-it's a great turn on.

Tight jeans are great and look very sexy when worn by a person with a trim figure. Omit underwear to avoid its lines and the jeans will probably fit better.