Hi My Name Is Tara

 I am all tomboy,I don't like wearing dress's.I love my blue jeans

taraggarrison taraggarrison
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5 Responses May 19, 2008

what the HECK is up with the PEE comments! YUCK!! I thought this was about JEANS , xexy , awesome, kewl, tight, JEANS!! What the heck does PEE gotta do with it? One poll about have ya ever peed in jeans ...well that was ok but after that wow. HAHA. Maybe Im just old fashioned but I thought we were potty trained in infancy! :)

I think jeans look better than dresses on girls. Happy days to all you jeans girls!

im girly and i love to wear jenas too

good for you Tara... I'm the same

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