I Like The Real McCoy

I like the look of a trim person wearing a pair of Levi's that fit them right.  No other brand of jeans holds a strong appeal for me.  Knowing the history of the company holds a certain mystique.  Levi's is one of a very few brands that are a genuine American icon.

Levi's jeans symbolizes the American West with its open spaces, ranches, and beautiful scenery.  I identify with all of the attributes that make the American West unique and a great place to enjoy.  The convenience , comfort, and style of Levi's jeans have remained applicable to today's life style.  Although originally created for the rigors of work, they are equally adaptable to a relaxed and casual life style.

The style of Levi's jeans has continued to endure and has never lost its visual appeal.  It is fun to fantasize about the shape of the person who is wearing the jeans because their body is revealed, maybe even unintentionally, just by looking at them.  No other garment is more satisfying and holds the appeal that Levi's jeans do.          

brubryant brubryant
66-70, M
Feb 12, 2010