I Don't Recall Exactly When It Started For Me....

Maybe around the age of 13. I remember Paul McCartney's "Another Day" and it's reference to "slipping into stockings" around the time.

I was adopted as a baby by a couple in their early 40s. Mum was born in 1917, and always wore a girdle and stockings right up until she passed in 1990. Oddly, she weighed about 7 1/2 stone (that's 105 lbs for US readers!) all the years I knew her, so had no need of such a garment. I saw her getting dressed on numerous occasions - never any nudity, but always particular about her appearance.

The first distinct recollection I have was dressing in a very smart turquoise suit Mum had bought for some occasion or other. I, of course, went all the way - bra, girdle, stockings, knickers - she always wore ones with a bit of a leg, not the full "directoire" type though. I think, at some point, she suspected something was going on, for she started locking her wardrobe. It was fairly easy to unscrew the back, though :-)

Time moved on, and I occasionally dressed right up until marrying in 1978. It stopped then. At least, for a few years. I think it was in about 1986 that I bought my first foundation garment. I remember it vividly. "St. Michael" (Marks and Spencer) zip front open corselette, white, 40C. Four suspenders (again, for US readers, that's garters). Six suspenders wasn't common in the UK, at least certainly not in the mainstream stores. It was a good fit for me.

Things started to ramp up a bit around 1994.I bought bras (regular and longline), pantie girdles (brief and long leg), some outerwear. A blue jacket and skirt, very businesslike. A wig, makeup, nails, you name it. My wife worked, my children were at school. I had plenty of time off to take at work, so I could stay home and live the woman's life for the day on occasion. I think I could have passed with a bit more effort, even if I say so myself!

We separated in 1996. She never knew, or if she did, she never said anything. She had some mental issues, but has re-married and is happy. I'm genuinely happy for her.

My life took a different path. I met an American woman and moved to the US in 1999. Things were good. She was a little on the "round" side, but sexy and fun with it. That lasted until about...oh, 2004. Then her weight began to go up. And up. I bought a longline bra, long leg pantie girdle and stockings around then and dressed occasionally, maybe once every three months. Just those. I wouldn't be seen dead in what she wears!

A little over a year ago, I realised that her bad habits were impacting me. I embarked on a diet and exercise programme and have lost over 40 pounds so far. I also realised that the marriage will come to an end at some point, so about three months ago, I rented a small storage unit. I've put all my "heirlooms" there so she can't destroy them if it came to it. Not that I think she would - she's not a nasty person, but you never know. When the time comes, leaving will be very easy. I also rented a mailbox recently, then got to thinking....

Shes going away on business for several days next week. I've been shopping. A nice skirt suit, boots, longline bra, firm high-waisted open bottom girdle (yes, with SIX suspenders!), stockings, breast forms, wig, makeup, jewellery. All sent to, or on the way to, the mailbox. Need to get some nails, female razors, one or two other bits and pieces. This is it. Several days as I want to be. The storage unit will become "Joanne's Closet". Joanne will live there and visit me when the opportunity arises.

I have no desire to be a woman in the physical or sexual sense. I don't think I'm alone in this "community" in saying that. I have no desire to be a woman 24/7. However, it would be nice to be one when I want to be one.


Miss Joanne.
MissJoanne MissJoanne
2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I hope you have had some fun times with your wardrobe.

My girdle and wig arrived today. The girdle is a good, firm fit. It's a Rago 1294, one of the firmest out there today. Wig isn't what I'd hoped for, so a replacement has been ordered.


Miss Joanne.