one night i was with a tv friend at her place and dressed as a "squaw" for her. i wore a fake leather mini dress, concho belt and choker, a braided wig( my hair isnt quite long enough to make good braids) and a pair of white ankle high moccasins. she was so turned on! she tied my hands and spanked me, and made me give her head. then we went out in her yard where i recieved a hot golden shower. of course i got my turn and had her dress like a school girl and spanked her butt red, then took her to the bathroom with me. yes i know im bad! lol
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3 Responses Jun 3, 2012

Very cool and sexy, I love to wear them too.

I also like to wear beaded ankle moccasins :-) They comfy and you can wear them anywhere. Squaw moccasins are getting harder to find, since everything is made for a short period of time, Nice pic of the squaw boots!

I have only have two pairs one soft sole and one hard sole. I have stitched them to try to keep them together. It is hard to find them in the style we want.