Boxers, T-shirts and Dress Shirts

Before we were married...and, in fact, when we had only been dating for a month, my husband (boyfriend at the time) had to go to Kuwait for a six-week project.  It was already apparent to the both of us that what we had was special and we wanted to stick it out, even with the separation.  He gave me the keys to his apartment so that I could stay there whenever I wanted.  I was a total hippie and had no television, stereo, dishwasher, disposal or washing machine (or any other of those types of amenities) in my own place.  Hanging out with him brought me into the present day.  I began to watch television.  I even bought some new music, for my boom box.  :)  But I digress. 

I ended up spending most nights at his place because his energy (and his stuff) was there.  I dug through his laundry and stole a t-shirt he had worn...along with one of his work shirts.  I wore these two shirts just about every night, while he was away.  

The six-week project in Kuwait became a 4 1/2 month project in Iraq.  I look back on that time and think "Wow, how did we know that it was worth the wait!?"  We just knew.  When he did get home, he gave me the work shirt that I had stolen...and almost four years (and a baby) later, it still hangs in my closet.  And I still like to pick up his worn t-shirts off of the floor and wear them to bed. 

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Does he know you wear his work shirts to bed? :P

Does he know you wear his work shirts to bed? :P