I Enjoyed My Neighbouring Lady's Saree But She Enjoyed Me

though i am a house husband i just know to help others in household chores.my wife and our neighbour are very close so she told her to take care of me till she returns back after attending her friends marriage she left me and went it was around 8 am when the husband of that lady went to his office, i went to her house she told me to help her in folding her clothes after touching it i got the feeling of wearing it . i could not control it i started removing my clothes and began to wear her bras panties blouse and petticoats without remembering that i am in her house. she noticed it from back and asked whether i would like to wear her clothes i told yes and i love to do them . she agreed to give it to me but she told on one condition . she always wanted to lead the life of male and enjoy a lady. she wanted my dhoti and shirt. i brought it from my house and gave her she wore my vests,breifs and made me wear her black bra ,red panties , white petticoat , blue designer saree and it's matching blouse. then she locked the door from outside so that no guests visited and hide it as it was her secret desire. she gave necklace, bangles, ear rings nose rings and decorated me nicely and made make up for me as i was looking like a pretty bride. then she decorated herself as a groom and told let us have our first night as first morning she told that she will be waiting in bed room as a groom and i have to bring her milk . i went inside room and touched her feet she blesssed me and i gave her the milk to drink she drank it and gave me the remaining. i drank it happily as a obediant wife. then she removed all her top parts and was only wearing briefs she first hugged me and left her hand inside my blouse and started to enjoy me then she licked my neck and started kissing me in the head, cheeks and neck. then she suddenly gave lip to lip kiss then slowly removed my saree and kissed on my stomach she started to enjoy my ***, navel and belly. she commented that i hav never seen such a beautiful structure and began to enjoy it then she removed my blouse and petticoat and started to squeeze my boobs then she removed everything and covered our nude body with bedsheet and enjoyed me till 4 pm in the evening then we both had nice bath in their swimming pool. it was a different experience , from that day onwards we used to enjoy ourselves whenever we both are alone
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Fake story! !!

what a life!!!..enjoy... could you please add me in your friend list


hi raji. please visit my profile,i have updated with my new saree and comment for mine


soo lucky man

You are very lucky to have such a nice neibouring lady .

i like wear saree to my boyfriend

ur so lucky

nice story

hi sister,<br />
<br />
it is all your fantancy not real story

hi dear now i am wearing saree with my wife in my house