I'm A Woman With A Nylon Fetish

My last story I shared with you that my husband knows of my nylon fetish but I didn't tell you that he is NOT a cross dresser even though I tride to encourage him a few times. After 40 years of marriage, he still gets excited waching me dress or undress and seeing me in my slip and panties and unwrapping me. About 30 years ago I bought him Jocky Nylon Briefs that he wears for ME and I love to feel him in them. By the way, Jocky still sells them online on their website. We don't have sex as offten as we use to but we are very affectionate and like cuddling.
Around 35 years ago, I bought a red nylon slip with a lace overlay that I wore as a skirt with a white nylon slip under it. It felt wounderful feeling the two nylon slips together and I still have it and most all my slips I ever owned which is quite a few. I also like to wear Vintage nylon binki or full panties that I buy online at Satin Ros Intimates.
One shopping trip around 20 years ago, with my husband at the mall near Christmas, I was wearing a straight front button down dress that got cought on an armrest of a bench and popped off 3 buttons which exposed my slip just below me panty line. I noticed I received a lot of looks from men and my husband which made us both excited as we finished our shopping. It felt nice feeling my slip while trying to hold my dress closed which brought more attention to my exposure. When we got home my husband couldent keep his hands off me, hot night.
I don't think men now-days enjoy women wearing nylon wnderwear. In the stores and advertised is cotton and no slips or stockings. I'm glad that I saved most all of mine over the past 40 years. and I still fit in them all.

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Wow what a great story
I also have a nylon fetish I am a male 56 years old I love to wear nylon half slips and nylon stocking I love the feel of nylon on my skin I also love wearing sheer tights what a turn on

What a great story
I have also got a nylon fetish I am a male 56 year old I love wearing nylon half slips with nylon stockings the feel of stockings on freshly shaved legs is a real turn on

I'm glad I have my vintage collection. I just love wearing them. I think they are so sexy and feminine. I may be a man with a nylon fetish but, I sure get excited seeing women who still wear them.
I would like to know what you think of my slide show video on youtube. It's called Slip Shots. This is just a small sampling of my collection and is mostly of just my half slip and cami sets.

i love to meet a warm middle age lady from Essex UK. If she wear nylon slips even better!

If you wore slips for me we would have sex every night. I love the feeling of a woman wearing a silky slip in my arms.

I know the feeling, when ever my ex wife would wear a slip I would just get sooooo excitedvery rarely to the point where I would tear it of her which arousel very intense.

You are a very lucky women to have a husband that you have a oneness with and enjoys your passion. I believe what makes a real women is one who enjoys the fine things that makes a women the sensual touch of nylon when combined together with other undergarments, panties, pantyhose, and slips. The touch of the fabric smoothly caressing your body.
As a male I'm neither a cross-dresser or a Tranny, but I love wearing nylon myself because of the wonderful sensation and touch of the fabric when it rubs together under my clothes when I am out or just wearing them around the house. But my ex didn't really understand.
I was glad to read your storey because I know there is others out there who has the same passion.
I look at a lot of op shops were you can find some good deals and nice items.

It is simply wonderful to meet a woman with a nylon fetish. Whilst it is not uncommon for a man to have a nylon fetish it is refreshing and exciting to know you have a nylon fetish. I am delighted to see that you have evidently attempted to encourage your husband to try cross dressing but regrettably to no avail. At least you bought him nylon Jockey briefs to wear for you which was the next best alternative. Nylon is such a desirable sensual fabric that it inflames the passions of nylon fetish addicts. I can well imagine how much your husband still gets excited watching you dress and undress and him seeing you in your nylon and lace slip and nylon panties, and oh yes especially unwrapping you.<br />
Wow Abrey wearing your red nylon and lace slip as a skirt was a bold alluring and daring thing to do publicly which would have undoubtedly attracted the admiration and interest of both male and female onlookers. And with a white nylon and lace slip underneath the red slip, it created delicious double la<x>yers of soft smooth nylon. The dual slips must have felt glorious. I would love to see your collection of gorgeous slips. Just spending time looking at them all, feeling them and caressing your slip collection one by one would be very stimulating. Thrilled to note you love to wear vintage full cut and bikini style nylon panties. The best. The accident on your shopping trip some 20 years ago exposing your slip sounds so exciting, made all the more so for yourself by you feeling your slip in public as you tried to hold your straight front button down, albeit ''buttonless to a degree'' dress closed. You must have attracted considerable attention and perhaps at the time you thought well why not make the most of it and enjoy the attention. Your husband obviously did later.<br />
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Well i must emphasize i love a woman wearing nylon underwear. If a woman i was associated with did not wear nylon underwear i can assure you that i would be trying valiantly and with everything in my power to persuade her to. I love soft sensual nylon encasing a woman's body and caressing her soft skin. A beautiful feeling of sensual luxuriousness for her to enjoy. Tragically, in the stores it is cotton predominantly these days and no slips. Stockings i have seen in the latest styles however. With your declared nylon fetish it is just as well you kept most, or all of your slips over the past 40 years. Their will be nothing like them today of whatever is available sadly. Since you still fit them all it stands as a credit to you maintaining your curvaceous figure.<br />
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Enjoyed very much your titillating story. Thank you for sharing it Abrey. I am so glad you are a woman with a nylon fetish. <br />
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It is such a pleasure to read your feelings towards silky lingerie, as I as a crossdresser have the same fetish and relish every moment I have when I can dress in wonderful silky feminine lingerie and enjoy its tactile feelings. Just so nice to hear from woman like yourself, just knowing there are woman out there who appreciate the finer and more delicate things they get to wear, and the simple joy that can be recieved of these lovely things caressing your body. I have always had great admiration of girls and woman, ejoying the way they look, the way they dress, the way they act and I as a crossdresser enjoy every moment dressed as one. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

The problem with so many men is they seem predispossed to getting to the naked body and want sex. I love sex the same as the next guy, but I love savering and enjoying the views of a woman in silky lacy lingerie. Because I so much love the feel of wearing silky lingerie myself, I can relate to how she is feeling in it. To me the mutual excitement and feeling connected in a very intimate way would be so wounderful. I have bought many of matching gowns in hopes my wife would wear a matching gown with me, but it never happend. She does not share my interest in lingerie. She has told me "You are more like the woman and I am more like the man" I enjoy intimacy and she just wants sex.<br />
I can only dream of having a woman like you who would invite me into your world.

Abrey, just wanted to let you know that I have a photo of a pair of beautiful silky French Knickers in an album called, appropriately, French Knickers. I think you would look so good in them don't you think ? I bought a pair for my wife.

Abrey, I wish I was one of those guys in that mall ! You mentioned that you don't think men now days enjoy women wearing nylon underwear - well I can tell you that I'm certainly not one of them. I was born in a time when most women wore nylon.and had my fetish from the earliest time that I can remember. My wife knows about this but doesn't really know how deep this fetish goes or what started it. Do you mind if I ask whether you wear french knickers too? I tried sending you a message with some other questions but your privacy settings wouldn't allow me to do so.