White Slips

I have been sneaking slips for as long as I remember. Now I buy them wear them and donate them back to goodwill when I feel guilty. It started when my neighbor caught me taking one of his daughters slips from the clothes line. He made me put it on and eventually start sexually touching him in return for his silence. That started me down the road of wearing slips and giving blow jobs. It make me feel feminine and the guys like it too. I wear them under my clothes when at work or in public or alone while at home. I love the feeli g of the nylon on my shaved legs. Women have the best life
Genemichaels Genemichaels
56-60, M
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Nothing as sensual as a full slip against freshly shaved legs...unless there are stockings and a garterbelt in between the two...