Getting Caught.......again

I frequently wear slips under my clothes when out in public. I love the feel of the nylon on my body and always feel a bit naughty. Well yesterday I decided to get a massage at the rec center in the afternoon. I got up shaved my legs, showered and put on my favorite full slip. It is glacial white with a bit of ever so fem pink lace at the bodice. Anyway I had a number of errands and figured I would go home and take off the slip before I got my massage. Well guess what. I forgot I had it on and started to undress in front of my massuse. He got a big grin on his face which is when I realized what I had on.
Short story is I got a massage with my slip on and Bobby got a great blow job. My secret is out at the gym now and have got a number of requests to wear a slip and give head. YUMMMMMMM
Genemichaels Genemichaels
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

That is so hot.

so lovely ill be daily in gym

mmmmmmmmmmm nothing wrong with that.