Panty First Impression

when i was in 3rd standard i get facinated to watch the panty of one my class friend.While playing on the game equipment i got a glimpse of the black panty ,since those days panties are all over my mind....
After so much time went by during my vacations after i gave exam of 10th Std. i went to pagoda a famous place in pune ,the pagoda is the straight steep craetion where on ehave to climb through the tunnel to reach the upper end from where one can see all the pune city.I still remember the glimpse of the pink panty of a girl who try to climb up and accidentally showing her panty.
In that week i watch the movie khooni panja where there are several scenes in which all the girls are in two piece bikini.In the same week when i visit my friend house his relative is making the dinner ,to my benefit i watch her panty.
After 2 weeks i visit my another friends house to platy carrom where the sister of the friend sat infront of me and some times i used to see her black panty.
sissyamit sissyamit
May 5, 2012