Left Behind

The girl I was seeing at the time left a pair of white cotton briefs over at my house once. When she wasnt around I would try them on just to feel them on me, and know what she felt like in them. They're incredibly soft and comfortable, and I instantly got hard as concrete wearing them. I figured if women felt half as sexy in these as I do, they're lucky.
I kept that pair, and still have them. Now I buy pairs of panties on EBay, since im not ready to buy them publicly, and I've also bought thigh-high pantyhose and socks. I feel the sexiest wearing those socks with a nice thong, on all fours playing with myself. I love the look of a big hard erection in delicate little panties, don't you?
2nadi21 2nadi21
26-30, M
Dec 2, 2012