Love Wearing Pantyhose

I love to wear pantyhose everyday. I own over 100 pairs of pantyhose all sheer to waist style. I even sleep in them everynight.
kevandbrid kevandbrid
5 Responses Aug 13, 2010

I sleep in mine too and even wear them into the shower when I wash them. ;-)

How durable are your pantyhose? Sleeping in them and wearing 24/7 must be tough on them. I haven't found any brand that I'd feel comfortable do that to.

I really love pantyhose on woman...

I love sleeping in them too. It has gotten so that I have trouble sleeping without them on. My legs just glide under the covers and the joy that I get having them on is exquisite! I have on a pair of green Sculptz hose on right now and they are sweet!!i

there is nothing better than waking up with that silky feeling...