Pantyhose And Diapers

i never go anywhere without pantyhose on and a diaper under my pants i always wear them at home and so does my daughter
sexypanties911 sexypanties911
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4 Responses Dec 6, 2011

i wear at home... but it seems very hot...

do you wet and mess in them ? and how old is your daughter ? and does she also wet and mess in them ?

yes i do make a mess she does too and we take turns changing each other

i love to mess in just my pantyhose it feels so nice been doing it for years sine i was 12 in tights then into pantyhose later on it just feels so nice to do it into pantyhose so soft and worm now i am 60 and still do it when i am in the mod

i would love to chat with u more

very nice need to no more

I kinda go in my pants at home too !