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No More Men's Underwear:

Since the age of 18, or since being out of high school, I have exclusively worn pantyhose or tights for underwear. Meaning, I stopped wearing men's underwear completely. Wearing the few times I did, it just felt strange and odd. I never knew why anyone would wear them. Such a strange garment. I started wearing them to school when I was only 10. I would wear pantyhose or tights underneath my school uniform, except for gym, when unfortunately I had to wear boy's underwear. I was tempted to wear them to gym class, but I knew I wouldn't be allowed to do it. Today, I don't ever have to worry about wearing those ugly briefs ever again.
balletgentleman balletgentleman 31-35, M 9 Responses Jan 8, 2012

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HEY very cool I love dancer tights 24/7

a beautiful and exciting story

Ditto. I started wearing pantyhose 4 or 5 days a week nearly 5 months ago. Today I wear them 7 days a week. I'm committed for life to wearing them. Yes I too have quit wearing briefs. The pantyhose are all nylon sheer toe to waist. They feel sensuous, soft and sexy. I'm a straight married man. My wife is ok with it.

I agree. I would rather wear nothing if I cant wear hose. Nothing more comfortable than pantyhose without underwear. Never have an issue with heat rash and less problems with itch.

i wear my panties all the time i like them

I don't get it... I think guys boxers are WAY more comfy than women's underwear of any sort, much less hose!

Interesting! Well, enjoy!

I have also discarded most all of my male briefs. If I wear underwear I will now wear panties, but mostly I will wear pantyhose.

That was when I was a kid, not today.

I was 19 when I went to panties or pantyhose and got rid of all male crap.

Shave your legs and wear five toed pantyhose.nobody would know you are pantyhosEd

Did not know there was pantyhose with toes. Hmmm. Might have to check that out.