I Think I'm To Big...

I have read so many stories about wearing pantyhose... all these guys who wear them must be alot smaller than me... 

I have tried to find and wear hose in the past... but I just can not seem to find something to fit right.  See, I'm a bit on the large side- no, not that! My body size!!..Big legs and thighs (played football- lineman- for many years) and trying to get something to fit...well, it's hard to do...  

This is why I have been saying, if we could get a manufacturer (sp) to really look at the market..a mens market, we could find stuff to fit guys like me--AND we could get more mainstream where our wives and girlfriends to get onboard with us!!

Like I said, I have tried to wear hose in the past...I did find some one time that fit fairly well..a bit on the price-y side...but nice.  Only got to wear them once-BIG run and then they looked ugly...tossed away..rats...never could find them again.  ( I bought them in another state I was visiting at the time and have not gone back to- thought I'd find them near my home---NOPE)  Anyway, if I could... I would!!
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5 Responses Jan 10, 2012

You can check out activeskin, they make pantyhose for me in male proportions. You can also check out Shapings.Com who has a large selection of pantyhose and has some male pantyhose too. Good luck!

I have the same problem in the UK. Getting stuff that is for big men in girls clothing is not my thing I want girls clothing for girls. I have found a One shop that fits me. I am 6 ft. And I have have sent my mum to the shop as she has the same problem in getting good hoes to fit. Strange how life works out.

You may want to try "Just My Size" from L'eggs. They come in sizes up to 4X, in good sheer and opaque shades and are at most drug stores and discount department stores.<br />
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JC Penny's & Sears sell Day Sheer, Silky Sheer, and Light Support Pantyhose in Plus sizes...Sheer Caress Sheerest Support Control Top Sandalfoot size 4X is a favorite for me, sold online at Pennys for around $6.00 a pair

Thanks..I'm a bit bigger than Q or 1x...last ones I got were 2x and those were very close...