I Wear Pantyhose All The Time

I too wear pantyhose every day. I grew up loving to wear them when I had the chance, but that was usually for very short periods of time. As I aged, I started to have circulation problems in my legs from heart surgery as a child. Back when they did the surgery, the heart lung machine was set to high and I damaged the valves in my legs. I did not notice it much until I hit about 40. Sine I travel by air all the time, it started to really bother me. Te doctor has suggest thigh highs or pantyhose, but the pantyhose are just so much more comfortable for me. I wear medical grade and they are expensive. My legs feel great, I feel put together or should I say held together in the groin area. I have a valve problem there as well, so the panty really helps. I found it interesting how I liked wearing them as A child and now as an adult I have to wear them. My wife accepts it for medical reasons, but prefers not to see me in them without anything else on (as I am getting dressed). She does not mind seeing the under my slacks since they are opaque and typically black, dark brown, or grey. I wear Juzo brand. I also shave my legs and trim the other region for comfort and better staying power. They also do not itch with shaven legs.
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Feb 7, 2012