Just Like Make-up

Pantyhose are like make-up for your legs. It really helps every curve of your legs stand. They can make your legs look flawless.

Pantyhose as long as you choose the right size, style and shade they can and do help bring out the beauty of legs even more.

I was once told that when you choose pantyhose you must choose the shade that is closest to your own skin color.

Pantyhose can be worn in most any color depending on the dress/skirt and shoes you are wearing with them just finish the outfit.

They are wonderful in cool, cold and breezy weather cause they keep you warm.

Good compression on my legs helping in a healthy way too.

So for me it is a 100% YES!

I wear them often, as often as I can.

I even wear them to bed.
Josie06 Josie06
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5 Responses Feb 24, 2012

Yes I must agree 100% YES

i am a man and I can't stop to not wearing pantyhose all day except on bed, it is way too hot...

I agree with your story about pantyhose for your legs. For me they feel great and I too love to sleep in them. Love them so much that I have even wore pantyhose and or thigh highs to work. Talk about a turn on. I now know why women love to wear hosiery. They feel so good on the legs. My favorite are Leggs Sheer Energy.

As I reviewed my comment, I realize that I forgot to share why one would wear two pair instead of just heavier hose - or support hose like I did earlier in my feminine career. Heavy hose look just that - heavy! With two pair, the final look is just as sheer as the quality of the hose you select. In fact, if you use good quality hose for each la<x>yer, it generally does not appear as though you are doubled up. I cannot take credit for this discovery - I read it long ago in some guide that might have been a general fashion guide for covering leg blemishes regardless of origin.

I concur entirely with your observations about pantyhose. It was not quite so important when I could shave my legs, but now I have committed to doing it seldom or not at all. So I generally wear two pair - one slightly darker than my skin tone and then the top pair to coordinate with the outfit I have chosen. It works pretty well. It is what I have done in all my EP photos except the ones from when I still shaved. The other convenience of not shaving is that I don't have to constantly freshen the shave to keep from snagging my best hose. My leg hair is pretty soft and light in color, so it rarely shows even through one pair - with two it is indistiguishable.