I Went Skinny Dipping With My Pantyhose On!

I love wearing pantyhose as a rule, I think most guys have a bit of a fetish for them and any chance I get I'll kick my shoes off and do a little nylon feet flirting, always works when I'm on the pull. I've had a couple of great experiences where I've been able to to whip off either my skirt or dress and parade around in my tights for all to see, such a great feeling. This is a new one tho, first time I've ever went for a swim with my pantyhose on!

So we were at this club whilst on vacation in Germany and there is a sort of terrace at the back with a lagoon type pool, we'd been chatting up these guys and they kept hinting at us going for a dip, apparently lots of people do it, and sure enough over the course of the night we saw a few folk ***** down to their undies and jump in. Eventually we thought, why not!

Sara was a bit hesitant at first but I wasn't, there was this guy there, Tom, who was lovely- I kinda fancied him and he'd stroked my leg a couple of time whilst we'd been in the bar so I think he liked my legs in hose. I took my dress off and stood there in just my bra and tights, accepting the whistles that came my way, a few of the people around were taking photo's - thanks to Sara and Mikey for the ones i've posted, and I couldn't help giving a couple of poses.

Tom and a couple of his mates jumped in and I sat at the edge, my hosed feet splashing in the water, soon I took the plunge and jumped in, it was FREEZING!

We were in there for a while, playing, cavorting, attempting synchronised swimming, all a great laugh then we felt it was time to get out, didn't want to catch pneumonia or something. Trying to climb out and stand on the decking proved difficult with my slippy pantyhosed feet but I managed to control myself. Tom's white boxers had become the focus for many, they were almost transparent now you could get a good impression of his junk! Wehad a kiss and hug and I could feel his hands all over my pantyhose, he was obviously loving it, I could feel him getting hard as we stood there. When I pulled myself away his tighty whiteys weren't doing a great job of concealing his hard on, we all had a bit of a giggle.

I kept my dress of for ages as we goofed around outside, there must be photo's and videos of me all over the place cos so many people had their phones out.

I loved being the centre of attention and I loved the feeling my pantyhose as I swam about in the water, need to find an excuse to do this again!

My photo's of the night are up if anyone wants to have a peek ; ) x
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5 Responses May 1, 2012

Wow, wish I could have seen the wet pantyhose

Pantyhose in water....very sexy. So shinny.

how can you skinny dip with clothes on

how can you skinny dip with clothes on

Swimming in pantyhose is really nice.