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Hosiery Addiction!

Hi all. Just wanted to share my story with you - but I will add more to it when I get time. I've been addicted to Pantyhose from being a very young girl. I started out collecting anything I could find relating to them - like pictures in magazines and catalogues. I started collecting discarded Pantyhose packets from my mum's and soon had quite a collection. I preferred the packets that had a model on the front displaying the Pantyhose. I then started to borrow real pairs of my mum's Pantyhose from the laundry and would secretly wear them in bed at night and then slip them back into the laundry in the morning. This progressed to me not only wearing them all night every night to slipping them on under my day clothes. I got such a massive thrill from them it was so overpowering. In early teens, I'd stimulate myself in bed whilst wearing them and this heightened the experience so much. I started to wear them at night without covering them up and would select nice skirts to wear them with. The attention they received just excited me even more. The skirts got shorter, my heels got taller and the attention became greater. Any pocket money I received now was saved and then I'd purchase more and more elegant Pantyhose from the shops. I'd worn my mum's American Tan for many years and these demanded attention when I wore them,,, well, I thought they did, right up until I got my first pair of jet black Sheer Pantyhose. I went out in them that evening in a short black cord skirt and what I'd thought was attention was NOTHING compared to the Sheer black Pantyhose! I was very soon getting involved in more 'interesting' things whilst wearing them and had a large circle of friends for this new exciting hobby of mine. I'm not sure I can go into detail on here, but please contact me if you are interested in discussing this. Well, I've kept on collecting and wearing ever since and everything I do involves them. I wear them day and night, regardless of my mood, location or the company I'm keeping. I'm always in them! Please get in touch to discuss this, I'm very eager to talk to like minded people about my extreme fetish! xxx
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Ha ha , I am straight male crossdresser and secretly I am addicted to wear pantyhose. Is is so stimulating and sexy

When you have the legs you have you will always get compliments. Excellent read.

Oh I can relate to the above and I have always had a huge fetish for pantyhose or tights as we call them in the UK. I bet you look great in your hose

I have a very similar experience to yours. It started with collecting pictures and borrowing my mom and my older sisters pairs and then when I was able to buy my own, I just enjoy wearing them from time to time.

Hi Hun I love a girl in her tights and nylons and share the same fetish as you would love to discuss and chat more def do you have an email or skype xxx

Hi Sheerpins! I am a guy who is totally addicted to wearing pantyhose too!! I love sheer energy control tops. I do not understand why women today do not wear them. I wish my wife loved wearing them as much as I do. She will wear them but take them off after a few hours. Mine stay on.

Hi Sheerpins! I am a guy who is totally addicted to wearing pantyhose too!! I love sheer energy control tops. I do not understand why women today do not wear them. I wish my wife loved wearing them as much as I do. She will wear them but take them off after a few hours. Mine stay on.

Wish u were my girlfriend ..but ur prob a guy takin ****

Awesome, it's great to hear about ladies that enjoy pantyhose as much as I do (and many more here). Would love to learn more, add me so we can keep in touch :-)

Hi there,wow,I really love your story,and your love for pantyhose.I too love pantyhose,the look,the feel,and I too wear them now everyday,I hope to chat with a pantyhose lover,I am a male with a wonderful love for pantyhose

Great story, it's similar to my history of pantyhose fetish. I also started from wearing my mother's tights, than I started buying my own, now I have a huge collection of pantyhose and wear them every time I can, also at night. It's good to know that there is so many people who love pantyhose - I know that I'm not that freak :)

VERY nice story, Sheer..

I'm addicted to pantyhose and wear them daily. I love how they feel on my legs ... especially with freshly shaved legs. I tried them a few times while growing up but I didn't have the feelings for them like I do now. Several months ago I tried them again and they took hold this time ... lol ... and I haven't stopped wearing them since.

Hey Sheerpins. I also love to wear pantyhose all the time. I started out wearing my moms and my sisters pantyhose. My sister wore far more sexxier pantyhose than my mom. Wearing pantyhose moved on to wearing panties and bras, then dresses or skirts and blouses. ever since the day my sister caught me wearing her majorette uniform and pantyhose and made me go out in public wearing a sexxy dress and pantyhose and I sucked my first **** the same night. I have been hooked and love to show off my legs in pantyhose :)

Hi Sheerpins,
Yes I was wearing pantyhose the first time I sucked a ****. I dont recall the color, they were a darker shade, but not black and I believe the pantyhose were Hanes. The pantyhose belonged to my sister. I love wearing pantyhose the most of womens clothing, but I also love wearing lingerie I.E. bras and panties with skirts and dresses. I always feel so feminine when wearing a dress and pantyhose. Its best when I get to suck on a guys **** or he puts his **** deep into my rear and **** inside me to make me feel like a woman :)