The Great Pantyhose Debate

Since the beginning of the 12th Century, Tights and Pantyhose, along with other forms of Hosiery have been constructed, redesigned, and manufactured for all different occasions, and styles, for everyday wear, to special events, to erotic lingerie and more intimate settings.

For most people Pantyhose are one of the best inventions in human history, allowing women to always look elegant, classy, sophisticated, intellectual, stylish and modest.

For others, they see them as something irrational, irritating, uncomfortable, itchy, and bothersome. I am not one of those people. But I do believe they are uneducated and inexperienced with hosiery, at least not enough to find the perfect pair or brand of pantyhose that fits them correctly, or maybe they are just wearing them improperly to begin with. And this brings in a whole other controversy.

The Great Debate: To Wear Underwear Underneath, Over top, Or Not At all.

I have done extensive research, through historical documentations to modern recitations, to field examinations as well as interviews. And I have come to this conclusion. Pantyhose/Tights were made and DESIGNED to be worn without any underwear what so ever, for various reasons which I shall discuss.

The origin of the word along speaks for itself. PANTY-Hose does state that they are a combination of Underwear and Hosiery, which if you go back and look at the history and the evolution of pantyhose, you will see that in the 12th Century it was EXPENSIVE (Almost as expensive as living in California or New York). It was expensive because in order to be proper, you HAD to wear Stockings, Garterbelts, Garters, and Underwear to conceal your womanhood and keep your legs covered, because they were still extremely conservative and modest in those times, and nudity was almost a criminal act. So Pantyhose/Tights were created to be an inexpensive remedy for having to buy so much expensive undergarments. Pantyhose were designed to replace the Panties, Stockings, Garterbelts and Garters and transform them into a single solid construct of silk or nylon.

Next you will want to take a look at the manufacturing of the pantyhose themselves. You will see that the pantyhose themselves are designed in various configurations, patterns and designs. But the most common ones, and the most used variants are ones made with a reinforced crotch area, called the "Gusset". The Gusset itself acts as a pantyshield, or pantyliner, so that you can conceal your modest womanhood, and still be protected from the elements. Which should be a second reason for women to understand the reason why Pantyhose should be worn without EXTRA undergarments.

And finally, if you take a look at it, wearing panties underneath pantyhose not only looks silly, but it also causes problems. Which I shall explain.

As for the looks, I must compare them to Superheroes. They often wear skin tight clothing and tights, much like a woman in pantyhose. And most of them wear costumes that look as though they are wearing underwear on the outside of their clothing, which is comical, silly, and over redundant. Especially since most of those heroes are invulnerable or resistant to physical attacks, which means their wardrobe budget must be OUTRAGEOUS! And as for women, wearing panties underneath or over the top of their hosiery looks just as silly, redundant and unnecessary.

As for the health problems, Pantyhose were made and designed to act like pores, to allow a person's skin to breathe as well as keep them shielded from the elements at the same time. So wearing panties on top or underneath is physically blocking the pantyhose from their innate ability, which often causes yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and a build up of other bacteria, which will cause a woman the need to be extra clean on a constant basis. So for all the women that think wearing underwear in conjunction with hosiery is not only excessive, but harmful in the end.

And for all those that have problems with the Weather itself, and think pantyhose are improper to wear, then I have two examples to show you.

One, most pantyhose are made of silk, nylon, or spandex fibers which not only feels smooth and soft, but thicker pantyhose/tights also trap in body heat allowing women to walk outside in below zero temperatures in a pair of pantyhose and not feel a damned chill at all. Some even report that if feels like they are bundled up in front of a warm fire when they wear thicker pantyhose and tights.

And for all those women in tropic areas, or warm climates, well they do make thinner pantyhose, some are even so thin they look transparent and probably match your skin tone perfectly. And the reason why they are designed this way, is to allow the skin to breathe even more, keeping your legs nice and cool on a hot day. And secondly, because the pantyhose are so smooth and soft, it almost feels like they have been sitting in a freezer, or someone has sprayed a mist of cold water on your legs every time a gust of wind picks up, or you brush your legs against something and are reminded of the fact you are wearing pantyhose.

Lately I must say this, because I have felt it to be true in every day of my life, and i have yet to be proven wrong. But EVERY woman on this Planet looks more attractive, more appealing, and more approachable when wearing Pantyhose, because not only do they create an unnatural contrast between your natural skin tone and texture, but it also comes in bright beautiful colors, just as many as going to the hardware department and looking at all the NUMEROUS color configurations for paint. And not only that, but they also come in THOUSANDS of designs and patterns, not to mention all the companies producing their own brands. So if you think about it ladies, you can have a pair of pantyhose for EVERY single outfit you can ever have, and they can go with every color combination you can think of, which is far more easier than trying to find a pair of shoes to go with whatever outfit you are trying to put together. Not only are they for formal events, but you can wear them on a daily basis, from everything to casual hangouts, to even slipping on a pair of tights and going out and climbing rocks or playing soccer. Yeah they might get banged up and torn once in a while, but remember, they are inexpensive, and readily available and easy to find, since almost EVERY market in every town carries them.

You are all free to pick apart, discuss, or even comment on everything I have said. You can debate it all you want, but keep in mind, this is my opinion, and it is based on research, interviews, and historical documentation.

But if any of you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to ask all you want, I am sure someone here on EP will either agree with you, or they will be glad to take your advice.

And if there is anything I forgot to mention, or if you wish to discuss something i have said in more detail, please feel free to call me up on it.
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Feb 7, 2013