A Surprise.

About a week ago.  I went to go see the movie New Moon.  With my friend and his girlfriend.  He worked where I did and  his girlfriend worked in the medical field.  As I was getting ready to go to the movied.  I put on some off black colored pantyhose.  Since I just shaved my legs.  I put my jeans on and low socks.  A shirt and sweater as it wasn't that cold out.  Put my shoes on and out the door to meet them at the theater. I got to the theater and met them inside.  We got our tickets, popcorn, soda and away we went inside.  We sat on the top area.  Since the theater had stadium seating.  There wasn't that much people there.  Since we decided to go when the show had been playing for a bit.  While we sat down and waited for the movie to start.  We just talked and caught up with each other.  After a bit the show started getting past all the previews.   I was feeling so good in my hose sitting there watching the movie.  That on a few times while I was sitting there I would rub my pantyhose ankle while watching the show.   After a bit my friends wife got a text on her cell to call the hospital.  She got up and left.  Then my friend got a text on his cell.  Which said that she had to go as she was being called into work.  As she was on standby.  So she was gone and my friend and I were watching the movie.  I always wondered as I have caught him a few times.  Not letting him know.  If he was into hose.  As I caught him checking some of the ladies out who would wear hose at work.  And he knew I wore hose only for a halloween party that we had at work.  Which I did catch him looking but, I thought maybe just because he was a little shocked.  As we were sitting there I took my shoe and sock off and crossed my leg over.  You couldn't really tell I was wearing pantyhose as it was dark and my pantyhose were off black.  After a bit he bent down to get his pop which was on the floor.  his had brushed against my hose foot.  He took a sip and put his pop down.  I noticed out of the corner of my eye he was looking down now and then trying to see what that was on my foot.  He leaned over after he figured it out.  He asked quietly are you wearing pantyhose.  I said yes quietly.  He said uh um why.  I said why not.  He leaned back over into his chair.  As we were watching the movie he moved over towards me.  I could tell this was going to get interesting.  Which got me excited.  He asked if he could rub my nylon foot for a bit.  I said sure and lifted my foot up.  So my leg was resting on my knee.  "Left leg resting on right knee for mental picture."  It felt so good feeling his hands on my hosed foot.  after a while he wanted to rub my other foot.  So i just sat sideways in the seat and had my feet over his arm rest and resting on his lap.  I felt so pampered as he was rubbing my hose feet and watching New Moon.  After a bit he quit.  I thought well was nice while it lasted.  Then he said wait.  I didn't know what he was doing then all of a sudden I felt my hosed feet on his ****.  He as helping me guide my feet up and down.  He was moaning a bit but quietly.  Here his wife texted him.  She was asking how the movie is.  He said the movie is great.  I laughed quietly a bit as I was thinking.  Yeah it is great your getting a pantyhose foot job from one of you guy friends.  The texting went on for a little bit.  Which I quit as he was busy texting.  So I decided to go down on him.  He didn't know it at first as I got on the floor and almost in front of him.  As the seating in the aisle there was a bit more room than in some theaters.  I leaned over and started to suck him.  He was like ohhhhh mmmmmmm god.   Which was kind of loud but not really.  I was hoping no one was going to come up there.  Which no one did as he did breath kind of heavy at times.  But before to long since he was worked up from my foot job.  He came.  I took some of it and let the rest just *** out.  He looked so reieved and tired.  I got up and sat back down.  Looking around and no one knew or saw.  Or at least as far as I could tell.  He just sat there quiet for the rest of the movie.  I wasn't sure if he was shamed of what had happend or what.   After the movie was over we both went into the bathroom and made sure there were no *** stains on either one of us.  There wasn't.  As we were leaving the theater he said well see you at work and went to where he parked.  I said ok and walked home.  Feeling pretty good but not so good at the same time.  As I didn't want this to ruin our friendship.  As I got home I checked my cell phone.  I had a few messages and one from my friend.  He said that was a great but weird experience.  I would like to do that again with you sometime.  But we have to keep it on the DL.  I text him back and said sure no problem we can.  I didn't feel so bad about it after that as my friend and I just became best friends. 

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Want to be my movie buddy?


Terrific! Loved it! :)

so gay

So did you two meet again and have any more fun?

I call B.S.

sexy story

I would love it when people rub my feet in pantyhose!

Great story. What a great time.

Im so turned on every time I read this. *** play with me too sexy legs. I long for your feet on me then your lips wrapped around my shaft x

a dream c u m true, what a gorgeously horny story x

women in pantyhose please rap my head between your legs

Oh you would like it. Its very exciting and thrilling

Thank you all I am glad you all loved it.

pls tell me more

I found myself wishing I were in your place as read this story. Very hot. Please tell us were this led you.