My Boyhood Plastic Fetish Begins

Growing up during the "Happy Days" of New Orleans, our parents had many parties together and my neighborhood friend Jimmy and I only lived a half block apart. When I discovered the exhilirating feeling of my **** exploding *** through early ************, I sought out Jimmy's advice on how to best to stimulate my ****.
Then, at about age 12 and being on the school swim team, I remember going to a sporting goods store with my mother to buy a pair of red Speedo trunks made of shiny soft nylon.  They had an inner liner of red nylon to keep your ****, balls, or *** from being seen through the wet nylon.  The store ironed on the schools initials, "N.O.A." for New Orleans Academy on the right front hip. I was a powerful swimmer, but my nearsightedness kept me from seeing the dividing ropes that well during meets. What I noticed is that I loved the look of my and other guys fronts and rears in our Speedos. Also, they felt incredibly smooth and so tight that they stimulated my **** constantly. So my red Speedos begin to see plenty of action in my bed at night.
Then, my baby sister had a large doll that had semi-transparent pink plastic panties on it. Being the young tight swim boy I was, I waited until the rest of the family was out one Saturday, not sure why I was alone in the house, but this was my opportunity to try on the doll's plastic panties.  I don't remember having any memories of being in plastic or rubber pants as a baby, but the idea of putting these plastic panties was great!
They were very, very tight on my boy butt and **** and really felt good. I managed to get about 3 wears out of them, before they burst, much to my saddness and embrassment although I was not caught I had to discreetly dispose of those beautiful doll plastic panties and was never asked about it. Oh,I did feel bad about permanetly depanting my sister's doll, oops!
Shortly after that and now already addicted to the feel and smell of plastic, I noticed that under the kitchen counter, my mother had purchased a box of new white plastic garbage bags. Having always been fascinated by shiny things, such as plastic shower curtins, I thought these had possibities. So again, one Saturday, home alone at about age 12 or 13, I took a plastic bag off of the roll from the box and laid it flat out on my bed. The bags, at that time, and I think some still are, were folded, so as to be popped out when opened from the top and then spread by hand into the corners of a trash or waste container. An idea came to mind and I borrowed a pair of mother's scissors, and cut a quarter circle out of the still flat plastic bag's bottom corner folds, right where the fold meets a middle, non-folded part of the bag. THEN, I popped the bag out, and to my immediate erotic kinky sensation, I realized I had made a pair of plastic panties!
I almost jumped into them, one leg at a time, of course, pulling the plastic bag up my legs and nearly passed out from the wonderfull slippery, smooth, feeling they had on my balls, ****, and ***! As soon as I began walking around my bedroom, my new found plastic panties moved and slid over my smooth boy skin front and back and I had discovered a form of physical heaven! Later, from time to time, I would cut off the upper part of the bag to make more of a plastic panty brief, but I found that I really liked the feel of plastic even on my stomach and chest, while it crinkled, crackled, and slid over my skin, constantly stimulating me!  And it wasn't until later, that I discovered by standing in front of a tall mirror, that I could see my ****, balls, and *** crack thru the sweat wet of my plastic garbage bag panties...mmmmm!
Remember, I told you about our parent's parties? Well, since most of those adult parties were at my parent's house, and I shared a room with my little brother, Jimmy was allowed to have me over to his house for "sleepovers". Most of these were on hot summer nights, and Jimmy had his own room with an antique king size bed and a strong window A/C unit.  I told him about my new found plastic garbage panty fetish and asked him to try it. The next sleepover, I brought two pair of my homemade plastic garbage bay panties and we put them on! Not having lube like today, we used to just spit prodigiously into the front of our plastic panties and get all slick and slimey inside.
Then we would climb high up onto his bed and kiss and rub our plastic pantied ***** together until we both would *** and slide over each other all night, ******* as much as we could but in spite of Jimmy telling me to curb my passionate moaning we almost got caught by his dad once!
Usually I would dispose of a pair of my homemade plastic garbage bag panites after each use but once, upon returning for another hot summer sex session with my friend Jimmy, I asked him if he'd kept the last pair I'd made for him. He said yes and dug them out of his secret hiding place in his bedroom. I so wanted to put them on, but OH boy, did they stink! So, I made us some new ones and fun continued for another year or two.
Now, of course there are plenty of manufactured plastic pants/panties available and I have my share, but I do miss and would love to make my own again, to share once more the joy of two male *****, balls, and ***** in the beauty and sensuality of plastic garbage bag sex!
This is a true story and I hope you guys enjoy!
P.S. Life drew Jimmy and I apart, and I rarely see him today, but I think he is still embrassed about our boyhood sexual exploits when he sees me, HA, Ha, ha!
Written while wearing clear plastic and lubed up panties.
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Plastic does have a nice smell.

i wear plastic garbage bag too mmmm,feeling so horney

oh that sounds like fun, i will admit i have used white plastic garbage bags as you did. i still do some nites just to get that feeling you were talking about.

can you add me i love trash bags i am gay live in canada

Many thanks, Andrew! I do have a follow up to this story and hope to publish soon.<br />
In liberally lubed Gerber 4T white plastic panties,<br />

4T? Oh my gosh they must be tight! :) How do you get em on?

I took a tip from another Gerber baby plastic panty fetishist and carefully cut the leg and waist elastic off. Then very slowly pulled them up, and yes, they are quite tight. But it is easier to wear this way, then keeping the elastics on, which tend to be very uncomfortable. Once they are stretched to your ***, balls, ****, and legs, then you have a reusable pair. However, one has to be careful not to punch a finger through the thin plasti pulling them up the first time!

That's a great idea! I just love them as tight as possible! Btw... I luv your profile pic ;)

Plastic fantastic!