Love My Plastic Pants

I've loved wearing plastic pants all on there own since I was 12. Since then I've migrated from the tighter Gerber vinyl pants to the form-fitting plastic bikini briefs from fetware. I can't get enough of the ultrasoft see-through plastic, makes me feel so slippery down there. I'm 22 and would love to meet other people that want to chat.

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

I also love wearing just plastic panties on their own > no diapers I have loved wearing them ever since I was 9 ......I still get a hard on every night that I put my tight form fitting bikini plastic panties on and head to bed !

If they make you feel good; then wear them. The soft kind; hug your form because of the body heat. My kids when they were little; preferred the soft ones too.