Life Long Plastic Pants Lover

I've had a thing for diapers and plastic pants since my early childhood.  I'm in my early 50's and still wearing daily.  I'm not into the AB/DL scene just an old fashioned cloth diaper/plastic pants lover.

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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I wore plastic baby panties back in the sixties and wish I could go back
and replicate all the quality rubber baby panties they made back then.
I wish they were made in an adult size to fit me. I would then love to find a mommy and baby sitters to change my rubber baby pantie 24/7!!

Same here. I potty trained late on purpose--at least subconsciously. I do have a thing for the old plastic-backed disposable baby diapers too though. I do like to pretend hot young college girls wearing nothing but bras and panties are making me wear diapers though! ;-)

I too tried to stay in my plastic baby panties as long as possible. After my mom quit changing my rubber baby pants, I stilled wished I could wear plastic baby panties full time. I envied all the toddlers rustling around in all the various babyish colors of rubber baby panties. I could not stop staring at
their plastic baby panties sticking out of their leggings of their shorts during the summer. I loved seeing babies and toddlers in just their diaper shirts and plastic baby panties without any pants covering them. I wished I was dressed exactly like them!!

I absolutely relate to the love of cloth diapers and plastic panties. As you can see my love of things sissy is also there but I don't act out or role play. Just like the look of all that and the feeling that I get. The cloth diapers and plastic panties are what I could never give up though.

Cumphie, I feel the same. I love how cumphie I feel with my plastic baby panties rubbing softly between
My thighs!!