Trying On Different Pairs

I love wearing plastic panties, loved them since childhood. I guess its the vivid memory I had wearing them that kept these feelings today....I like white shiny ones and the ones that have some texture on them.They make that swishy sound when pulling them on. I love that sound! also the crinkly sound also is nice. SO when Im walking around in them it keeps reminding me what Im wearing down there.....ONe night I picked out my 5 favorite pants, all white ones,2 smooth,2 textured and 1semi white also all were shiny...I love to remove my regular cloth underwear very slowly and difficultly, almost like they wont come off. Finally they are removed and then that feeling of lifting up and shaking open the panty and slowly sliding it on! Hearing that swish through the leg openings and the sound of them sliding up my legs and put into place. I did this five times with each type . Each one getting more intense.....Totally satisfying experience


LeoGeo LeoGeo
1 Response Mar 27, 2009

Nothing like a comfy pair of plastic pants to lift your spirits.