I`m Addicted To Girly Stuff...

I have an addiction....and it`s not really a problem, cause its sort of my hobby as well. I love nail-polishes, eye shadows, blushes, foundations, rich moisturising creams, nice shoes, nice clothes, like to to make my own jewelry. I like to make trips around the world...if I can afford it ofc. I love to bake and cook in my fabulous kitchen. I love visiting my friends. I looove my 3 cats :) I`m crazy about my husband...and I like to play a certain mmorpg :) now is this addiction not starting to be a problem?! no not me nor the people around me. I`m not bothering them with it, they only use my info as a help for themselves, like tips really. When I buy nail-polishes, as that is a big thing right now, I dont over exagerate and I never ever get myself into debts when buying stuff, Iknow what my limits are.

I`m just enjoying my life a lot atm and I would like to share some expierences with people...as I follow some others as well and enjoy reading their experiences. That`s why I recently made a blog http://girly-addictions.blogspot.com/ , just to share fun stuff :)
Martje Martje
1 Response Jul 11, 2010

is it WoW?