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First Experience In Saree

it was my summer vacation..... At the age of 13 i have learnt to wear saree by observing my neighbour how she wears it.., than one day my family was out for function and i was alone in the house... Than i have removed bra,panty,peticoat and saree from cupboard ,1st i wear bra and panty... And was lookin hot just like blonde... After that i started to wear saree it took 10 min to wear saree.., after that i have done with my makeup.... i was løoking a sexy teenage... Till 2 hours i was in saree i just loved to be girly..... This was my first crossdressing experience,...
mslewis mslewis 18-21 11 Responses Apr 9, 2012

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Good story

Nice story, which colour of saree do you wear now??
pls add me as your friend.

What an experience!!!

I wholeheartedly agree with you mslewis that wearing panty, petticoat, bra ans saree is an awesome experience. I get thrilled no end. By the way, I learned to wear saree from YOUTUBE.

ok...nice to hear that you learned to wear feels like girly in saree

Nice, dear. And you are a fast learner - it took me a long time to get it right. Did you try different ways of dressing it?

thanks.. dear and yes i have i tryd different styles.

Hi mslewis.<br />
Go for it girl, I started as you have many years ago which seem to have flown in the hustle of making a living. If you can get on the web look at the Transfemme web site, It has changed my life without the added problems associated with hormones. If that is the lifestyle you really want I wish you luck. Sweet kisses.

thanks dear....

interested story

thanks dear...

Wonderful story. Great experience. Wish you many more outings.


I am sure it would have been an awesome experience.. you must enjoy what you feel good about..

yup... It was awesome experience

Great Mslewis, you are doing well and the awsome pictures tell the story of your desire and its acceptance by you..

yes.... It was awesome experience

Am sure you looked and felt wonderful.

yes it was wonderfull feeling...