Developments Of Boys In Dresses In Australia

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So a couple of weeks ago College Rugby finished up and on the Monday after the grand finals- my College Club held Mad Monday. Where all the frats or 1st years and 2nd years had to wear dresses, while 3rd and 4th years could wear black tie or a suit. I had to wear a dress and had a great time doing so- 7 pubs latter in a dress, pantyhoes and a bra. During the 7 pubs and numerous drinks all through the centre of town, we saw many people just look at us, some random people took photos and some were not interested at all. After the numerous drinks I was pretty trashed supposedly- I got in a cab and returned to college just on dark.
At which point we went to the gentlemens club or GC and continued and eventually went to bed at 10 or 11 pm - we had been drinking all day and all day before that.

We had a 2nd years 21st birthday on within days of the above happening and we were going to wear dresses but the girls couldn't be bothered so it didn't happen.

I had just gone through a period of being encouraged to wear overalls up to university which I find Horny- I would have loved to have been encouraged to wear a dress up to uni after our town cross dressing run.

Then I hear over the grape vine that my old private school saw a group of boys wear dresses of a pretty fine looking girls school to my private boys school recently. My boys school is one of the most expensive, most respected, most conservative, Church of England boys schools in Australia. Thankgod the teachers took the opinion that ok, their is numerous of them, they are in the final weeks/ mothes of their final year and they raised $300 for the school church or chapel all of which goes over seas to support developing countries so the teachers just left them be- a lot better in my opinion than suspending them.

I think its great to finnaly see some cross dressing going on in Australia- and would happily see more of it.
It has crossed my mind that, if boys do it every year for the next ten years with more boys doing it and more money being raised [only got $300 this year] then I wonder if the headmaster, deputy would bring in a dress for boys in the warm summers [probably not but maybe- hopefully- can we make it button back please

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thats just wishful thinking
but ausies are renowned for dressing like females ho and yes acting like them as well big soft tarts

Have had the opportunity to wear girl school uniforms in public during the big match cycle parade when I was in school

we actually not long just did this again for 2014 - I still firmly believe a boy or man should be able to wear a mix of a dress, tights and bra along with any other traditionally feminine items he is interested in

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Be wonderful for the boys to be in a dress in our hot summers so much cooler for them.

Yeah I find wearing girl summer school uniform much cooler especially cycling. What a lovely cool breeze on to my girly legs with anglet white socks with Mary Shane shoes. Sometimes in PE kit with pleated skirt. Very girly and I did find myself feeling that I was really a schoolgirl passing in public.

I highly agree with the above comment