Caught In My Sisters School Uniform


This is really a follow on story to what happened when I ripped my school trousers and ended up going back to school as a 13 year old in grey short trousers and brown t-bar sandals. You can read that story at EP Link

Thinking back on it, it may well have been that I had to wear the Mary-Jane shoes and girls socks at my cousins wedding that gave way to me trying on my sisters school uniform. She was a year younger than me, but we were almost the same size.

I thought that after the wedding I wouldn’t have to wear the Mary-Jane’s again, but I wore them for playing in after school for the next few months and my friends came to accept them to the point that after a while they weren’t even mentioned. At the time I remember getting a little turned on by the fact that I had to wear these girl’s shoes and would often choose to wear them even after mum didn’t force me to. I used to pretend that I was still being forced to do so, and I was a bit sad when I grew out of them and mum donated them to one of my girl cousins. I really wanted another pair, but was too afraid to ask.

Maybe it was this that led me to trying my sister’s sandals on one day when I was home alone. When I had the sandals on I thought it would be fun to try out her uniform as well.

I went back into my bedroom took off all my clothes then feeling very daring I went back into her bedroom completely naked and dressed up in her navy blue knickers, white vest, school blouse gymslip, white knee socks and navy blue sandals. I put on her, cardigan and tie then went downstairs and put on her school blazer and school hat.

Our back garden was not overlooked so I went outside and played on the swing for a while. It was around 4.30 in the afternoon, my mum had taken my sister to her ballet class and I knew nobody would come home and catch me. Just then however, to my horror the back gate opened and a policeman walked into the garden. I was caught like a rabbit in the headlights of a car. I was frozen on the swing wearing my little sister’s school uniform. I remember wishing that I could suddenly become invisible, but to no avail the policeman saw me and walked right up to the swing.

He looked me up and down then said “good afternoon miss” and touched the brim of his hat. “I’m sorry to burst in unannounced, but we are looking for a man who has just robbed a house along the road. You haven’t seen anyone have you?”

I sort of stammered no and he told me that it was probably best if I went indoors, just to be on the safe side, then as he turned to leave he asked if my parents were home.

Again I stammered out a no. Oh he said, in that case I’d better check your house then. Come on young lady indoors with you.

I got off the swing and slowly followed him indoors. I stood in the kitchen dressed in my little sisters school uniform, while he looked around in all the rooms then he came back he said it was all secure and to lock the back door when he had gone, with that he left.

I remember that I was shaking so much with fright at being caught dressed as a girl it took me several attempts to get the key in the lock.

When I had locked the door I ran upstairs ******** off my sister’s school uniform and quickly dressed myself in my own clothes. I was still shaking when my mum and sister came in about an hour later.

Mum asked me what was wrong and I made out it was the thought of being alone with the burglar on the loose. She gave me a big hug and told me not to worry as she was home now and that I was safe. Just then there was a knock at the front door and I could see the outline of a policeman through the frosted glass. I nearly died of fright thinking that the policeman had realised I wasn’t a girl and had come back to tell my mum.

Thankfully though it was a different policeman, who said he had been asked to check back on this house as there was a little girl alone on the premises and the thief was still at large.  

Mum assured him that I was safe and that I was a boy, not a girl. The policeman said something about his colleague getting it wrong and with that he left. As he went I burst into tears, mum thought it was because of the burglar and rushed in hugging me and smothering me in kisses. In truth however, I was crying with fright at so nearly being caught and the relief that I hadn’t been.

To this day I have no idea whether the policeman knew I was a boy or not, but it took a while before I got over incident and dared to dress myself up again, but that’s a story for another day.


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I was dressing as a kid and my dad was a cop! And I was so good at being in the closet I have stayed that way!

Love your story, the details are important and you provide them in spades. I love wearing school uniforms particularly grey jumpers, I have a collection of them. I also like grey skirts and ribbed tights. I have made a skirt out of a jumper which has the sleeves attached as tights. I also have tons of true stories of sexual encounters from my school days which I love to think about when dressed up. I have learned to enjoy my sexuality which is bi sexual, though many of my fantasies are of my past schoolboy sexual life. I was in boarding school since I was seven and my indifference to the uniform gradually turned into a lifelong fetish. I love this fetish but keep it pretty much a secret, along with my sexuality, I appear straight. I love this forum as it allows people like yourself and me and others to share our stories, which though they differ in focus still seem joyful and, no doubt about it they turn me on. Could you tell me how you liked your school jumpers, do they give you a buzz. perhaps you could put up some pictures?

Great story. How exciting to be caught, but taken for a real girl.

Great story.

I do it all the time im 13 i do it in bed i love wearing girls school unform

Your story shows how much social gender norms that are ingrained in us even as very young kids, and what we will fear if we are caught violating such norms. I appreciate you trying on your sister's uniform, but I feel sorry for how this played out in this case.

Scared the living daylights out of you but you should write a fiction piece about this scary happening and have your mum catching in your sister school uniform via a neighbour taking a quick snap off you on the swing and then the resulting situation you now found yourself in .<br />
Mum sends you to school as a girl for a full month and dresses all through summer.

Keep writing young man.

I agree as well - shows how good you looked dressed up like a young school girl - from your first story I bet your mum would have approved and kept you in the uniform for a while. <br />
<br />
Look forward to your next story - by the way did a story myself about when mum put me in a girls school gaberdine mac and shorts when I was 14. <br />
<br />
I wasn't in school girls uniform underneath but who could tell dressed like that. I know the feeling and like you I was shaking and scared of anyone I knew seeing me. You must have been so embarresed and excited in your sisters school uniform but nice to

Great story indeed, I have no idea how you managed to stay so calm, at the first sight of a policeman id've been gone like a shot no matter what i was wearing!

Great story and what a traumatic experience at an age when we had respect for and fear of the police.