Tight 70's Shorts

When I was growing up my mother made me wear very tight short shorts. They almost came up over my cheeks and as I got to be a teenager my bulge began to show a lot. I think she liked to see me in them and especially when i was draped over the sofa watching TV she would come over and rub my legs. This made the bulge much bigger of course. She never said anything about it so I didn't mind.
I still love short shorts and wear them around home. I now love the transparent NRL shorts that show everything underneath.
My collection fills 4 drawers!
tightshortsnick tightshortsnick
56-60, M
2 Responses Jun 11, 2012

I recently posted pics of the boys basketball team from the 1960s on a "memories" page from my school. All the girls swooned, all the guys (well most of them) made fun of it. So if guys like girls attention... seems like they SHOULD make a come back.

My mother also made me wear short tight shorts. The sexual aspect was not as overt as in your case.