Walking In Shorts With Friend When We Were 13

We had no uniforms in school. Was allowed to wear shorts in school, but not in the winter. I wore shorts from April or May to October, and was unhappy from October to May. When I was 13, one boy who also liked to wear shorts came to class. Sometimes during winter holidays, while our parents were at work, we liked to dress up into shorts and long socks outfits and walk around hours by hours. In the begining, I was embrassed to wear knee socks, 'cause were considered as girls' socks. He told me that English boys wear shorts with knee socks. Then I turned and became great fan of knee socks.
We were always excited that we can see our half-naked legs in the action and loved feeling of fresh air around. We touched each other, but never went further.
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Great story! Will you tell me what did you wear with shorts?

We had military jackets, woolen caps, scarves, gloves, timberland shoes. I had only my summershorts, but he haas woolen half-thigh shorts for winter.