Lisa Comes To Visit

My wife was in the bathroom washing .She had a rash on her ***** and was itchy. There was a knock at the door and my wifes friend who is a nurse came in.She sat on the couch opposite me .She was wearing a mini skirt and I could see her silk pantie crotch as her legs were parted slightly.My wife came through and they chatted , my wife told her she had a rash so Lisa said she would check that it was nothing serious.
Joyce lay back on the couch pulled her skirt up and slipped her tights and knickers down.Lisa examined her ***** and opened her lips wide to check in her vagina . Its only a rash with wearing nylon panties she told her.She got some ointment from the bathroom and rubbed it into Joyce's ***** and pushed her finger into her vagina,by this time I was sitting with a rock hard **** watching my wife getting fingered
by Lisa.When Lisa bent over her skirt rode up and I could see her tight little arse covered by her white nylon briefs ,I almost came in my knickers seeing her bent over showing her silky knickers.
Lisa looked round and saw my **** bulging through my trousers and laughed .You dirty old man she said .youv'e been eying up my bottom.She came over unzipped my trousers and pulled them down. I was wearing a pair of pink nylon knickers .Lisa laughed again .Whos a sexy boy then ,she said and grabbed hold of my stiff **** pulling it out of my knickers,Lisa looked at my wife.Will I give him a thrill Joyce?She started to toss me and soon I was coming spurting all over her rubber gloved hand.I could see my wife still lying on the couch finger ******* herself and she gasped and came her juice running over her hand.

Lisa visits us quite a lot now!!!!

bluenicks bluenicks
May 8, 2012