My Wifes Panties..

I was home alone and tonight it would be that way until I picked her up tommorrow, I miss her espaecially at bed time. I sometimes rumage in her panty drawer and love it when I find a pair of panties I don't recognise. The tele was boring and I was tiring fast.
I went to go to bed and her night dress was there in the bed It looked so warm and inviting, I tried it on it was soft and warm to the skin and felt really good I got into bed and started to get stiff. I thought I had better not mess up her nightdress or she will get mad, I got up and looked around there aere a pair of pink silky panties in the laundry I retrieved them and they definitely smelled of her. now I was rock hard. I slipped them on and went back to bed they felt so good I could rub myself through them. I was getting very excited and they were getting damp as the pre*** started to flow. iwas thinking what she might be up to at the same time as I was ******** in her panties. I imagined her bending over and being taken from behind I could almost here her saying more and tighten her grip on some lucky shaft. I was pumping hard and near my ******* I exploded in to the panties with a hugh stream and shudered. I regained my breath and fell asleep.
I woke at dawn with the sun streaming through the window and rose to a warm shower and a new day to go and collect my lover.
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Unfortunately I confessed what I had done expecting her to think, ' you missed me that much', however let me just say she is not at all happy about it. I suppose fantasies and fetishes are sometimes best kept private.

I once had a night like you described when staying at a girlfriends apartment while she was out of town. When I told her about it (in the hopes of her being a part of an encore), I tried to make her see that it was all a compliment to her. She decided I was a pervert.