I Love To Wear My Sisters Panties.

I can remember the first time i ever put on a pair of panties was when my sister had left a pair of new nylon blue flower print panties out on her bed. i think she had forgotten to but them away, but i saw them and my c... was expanding to full size. 12" long. so i undressed myself and i was rubbing my hard on as i was looking at her pretty panties. she had her p.... scent on them because they were wet from c.. p.. so i knew she had them on a few hrs ago. So i put them on. she wore a size 6 panty, i liked very much. Soon i found myself m....
in them bringing on a load of thick hot c... all over the panty, i couldn't stop i just shot 50 shots of c... . Just as i was finishing my dirty thing in her panties, she walks in and sees me ******* her panties. Ah you want real p... to play with? i said yes. so she took her clothes off in front of me that is when i saw her boobs and her sweet panties and p... for the first time ever. now i know why i came so. soon we where in bed f... each other until she c...d all over me. my c... was soaked from her p... i loved it. i wanted to get inside her p..., but she said No you go into another girl's p.... and not mine. So i did what she told me to do. her girlfriend came over to spend the night and she said to her do you want to make out with my brother. So we did. and i don't mind saying she was a good lover. she had a hard p... and sexy panties to play with. we made love for 9hrs in bed. i was hooked for girls panties for life. i love them and they feel so good on me too.
so from that night on my sisters made sure i wore their hot panties for sex. and i had a good hard tent to go with them. sometimes a wet spot on them too. lots of panty play in my house. and i loved it. still do. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love sex and panties.
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1 Response May 25, 2012

Panties are the best!