Sisters Panties Are The Sweetest

I started to wear my older sisters panties early in life. My sister used to dress me up in her clothes all the time, I was her life size dress up doll. She would dress me in her school uniform, netball outfit and her little dresses and skirts. This started when I was about 6 or 7 and she was 11 or 12. We kept this going for a couple of years, she had her own room but I had to share with older brothers. We would be in her room for hours dressing and she would do make up and all. She always made me wear diffrent panties so they matched the outfit. I really loved the short skirts and swim wear the most. Then when she turned 14 or so she started to go out with friends more often after school and on weekends and stopped dressing me up.By this age she had just started to wear some lace and nylon panties, the cute ones that were nylon in the back and under the crotch, with either lace panels on the hips or the whole front was lace. She always got around the house in just bra and panties.They looked so good on her hips, I loved the way the rode up her bum, I always used to squat down so they would ride up my bum too and I still love that feeling. So now she had stopped dressing my up, but as I said above she started to wear really sexy panties now and I loved how they felt. I started to borrow her panties to wear everyday. I was worried about getting caught by her panties being missing from her drawers, she had favourite types she wore every day, the nylon and lace ones. So I started to take them from the wash basket each night and wear all the next day and swap for her next pair, this way mum and dad or sister wouldn't notice any missing panties on the wash days, she was just always one day behind in getting washed. I started to enjoy them more knowing that she had worn them first, it did make putting them on a bit harder while I had an erection everytime. I wasn't sure if my brothers had a similar fetish for panties so I always showered straight after her to get them fresh, I really enjoyed the smell and taste now and it was like an addiction to get her panties each day. The horniest part of the day was watching her walk around in her bra and panties after school before her shower while I was wearing her panties from yesterday and knowing I will have tha pair in a matter of minutes. She looked so good in them I loved the way the lighter colors showed off the shape of her crotch in them, I love her cameltoe. I would get in the shower and ***** down to just the panties and while I inspected the latest pair I would pull the pair I was wearing to the side to free my hard penis. I would sniff and taste her latest ones while I played with my self. Then take off the panties so I could *** in the crotch so they had a little stain in them again, as I used to lick her others clean and was worried that it woudl be noticed they looked clean in the wash. I started to take a smalll piece of cheese in the bathroom with me after a while as the cheese left a nice fake stain in the crotch, I did always *** in them but wiped the excess out. When I got to 14 I started to buy some panties the same as sister so I could swap for her dirty ones every night and that way there was no risk of being caught out by some missing panties in the wash. Because her period used to mess up the swap timetable, not that I stopped with her panties then it was just diffrent because now she left them in the the shower hanging up wet after rinsing them. Now I could dress up under the water, panties look and feel so hot when they are wet. I left home when I was 19 and sister had just moved out with her husband 6 months earlier too. This slowed me down a bit. As I moved far away but she only lived down the road from mum and dad so when I visited parents I would head over to visit sis and mainly check out what she wears now. Best of all now is that I have moved back to the same town and now live down the road from sis, her and my wife use the same gym, but sis is a single mum now so I go around to babysit while the go to the gym together. She still has same taste in panties, nylon and lace hicut. I have bought some the same as her usual ones she wear to work everyday. Once they head to the gym I head into the bathroom as she just changed to get into cotton thong for the gym. I get out her fresh panties and I feel like a little kid again and so horny. I race down the road to home and get a pair to swap with these ones. Then go into her bedroom and try them on and play with my very hard erection again. Just a pitty they only gym 3 times a week. Just incase your wondering my wifes panties are just a little loose on me but sisters are still nice and tight. I now wear a mixture of sisters panties and stockings and wifes corsets and bras, I buy a few little skirts from the second hand stores like salvation army, I love the idea of a lady wearing the clothes before me. It has been 26yrs now and I have never been caught and no one else knows, if sis suspected anything she has never said anything after all these years. I am wearing a pair of black nylon and lace panties now that I got 2 days ago. Hope you like my panty life story as I loved reliving it. Cheers.
cumtum cumtum
31-35, M
Jan 6, 2013