I have a large selection of skirts in all styles and lengths made of a variety of materials.
I have a number of flared mini skirts that look great with seamed stockings, they always turn a few heads.
I have to the knee demure skirts for work.
Generally I find skirts a very versatile garment when worn with a blouse, I do not know why more women do not adopt this dress style, wear a skirt and bin the jeans.
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Jeans have their place, but a flared miniskirt and seamed stockings will do more than turn heads ;-)

Skirts and dresses look so much better on a woman than most other attire.

I like to wear skirts because they are more comfortable than trousers and when doing housework they are just so brill

hear hear! I've been out with so many girls that wear jeans all the time. such a shame. skirts/tights etc encourage my hands!!

Seamed stockings will always turn MY head!

When I see a sharp dressed woman dressed as you described.My eyes will tear up from refusing to blink. Because I want to absorb every moment as she passes...;-)

I couldn't agree more. I encourage my fiance to dress like this as it's very feminine and yes guys like it.

They all like it.

I cross dress a lot. Have a selection of skirts and always wear French kickers, bra, stockings and camisole as a matter of course

Do you wear French Knickers under your demure work skirts I wonder ?

I wear Silk French Knickers under my dress to work, I do not wear a work uniform.
I also wear black stockings with my french knickers, I have always since my last days at University been a liker of silk lingerie but I could not afford it, now I can and I have a good selection now.

Wow, I mean oh Wow! French knickers and black stockings...Sally, you are delicious!

Thank you I am wearing white silk ones right now under a knee length dress.

Heavenly...just heavenly!

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Have you seen the current M+S Christmas t.v advert? The girl in the centre with the curves and the black and white dress knows how to move...she really makes me horny with the way she struts her stuff...great dress makes a great girl even better.

Skirts get my vote! Demure can be very sexy in an odd sort of way too. Your mini with seamed stockings must be a, I`m nervous thinking about it!

You rock Sally......
You should head up a campaign... There are plenty of us guys that would support you if only more women would bin the trousers and jeans!

Get it started!

A law should be passed not allowing women to wear trousers the penalty would be two weeks wearing knickers and bra only

And I think that bras and knickers should be outlawed too!

please add me!

I agree skirts are a lot more comfortable than pants, but remember they do have their place. Save them for the men, in your life.

I agree,

Love the girly girls

Yes I agree with your statement "wear a skirt , bin the jeans"

More Women should be wearing skirts and dresses, get rid of jeans.

I too hope my future girlfriend will wear skirts too.

" And I always wear pantyhose or tights when ever I'm wearing a skirt or dress. I hate going bare legged it does not even look sexy."<br />
<br />
I completely agree, bare legs are not as sexy as nylon clad legs!

How about Pencil Skirts ? Is this type of skirts one of your favorite ?

I do have some pencil skirts.

How often would you wear them ?

I finally have the chance to wear a skirt tomorrow night for just an hour or so :) but I might have to go to a meeting at my daughter's school instead :(

Wear it to the meeting if you are brave.

My God, my daughter would never ever speak to me again!!!

Yeah skirts are very comfortable. And I'm a male who loves wearing skirts and dresses. I have a ton of skirts that are different lengths and made of different materials. And I always wear pantyhose or tights when ever I'm wearing a skirt or dress. I hate going bare legged it does not even look sexy.

So refreshing to meet a lady like your lovely self. I would love to have an evening of trying on each others clothes.

I agree completely. I have always liked to see a woman wearing a skirt or dress rather than jeans or trousers. I think its much more feminine and also shows off a nice pair of legs to advantage. Definitely much smarter and attractive than trousers.

I love to see my wife wearing a skirt and although I never let her know it I like to see the looks she gets from admire ring men and other women. Sometimes I know that the way she is sitting and the type of skirt she is wearing means that anyone looking will get a view right up her skirt. I never say anything but do love it when this happens.

I agree wear a skirt and bin the jeans !

Besides comfortable,so many combinations and looks are possible. you have got it right dear. :-D