Caught By Mum

I love wearing skirts pantyhose and slips i love wearing them so much i wear the under things all the time and i taught no one knew about it until one day i was trying on one of my Mums old skirts and prancing around my bedroom when she was passing my door going to the toilet when she heard me in the room she opened my door and saw me with it on i got a shock but all she said was well does it fit you.Then she said to leave it on but if i wanted to there was an old box of ladies clothes up in the attic and i could have them if i wanted to but i would have to wear them everyday. So up to the attic i went and brought them down some were far to old and stretched for anyone to wear but i found loads to wear. I ended up with 3 dresses 4 skirts (not the modern style) but still now i had skirts to wear myself plus slips bras and girdles plus a corselette. Now came the shock yes they were mine and yes i could wear them everyday but only if i wore them all the time including the skirts and dresses. Well i was left with a big choice wear them or lose them so yes i did wear them all the time but for the first few weeks my life was hell getting teased most of the time but also some women saying good luck to me and not to stop wearing them . So now i wear them all the time and have even got presents of more modern ones from Mum and Sister. Boy am i glad that i did get caught looking back it was worth it.
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That is excellent! my case my parents would collect clothing for poverty relief overseas....I would raid the stash on a regular basis, I would wear some things for a while and then rotate them into the next shipment.
There were some items I wish I still had.

I love your story and wish I could have started that way