So Versatile

I find dresses and skirts so feminine. I could wear both for almost any function.

Skirts are especially good for work as they not only look professional but you can show off some very special blouses and tops.

Skirts come in many shapes and sizes.

Although I'd love to wear short and mini skirts< I just don't think they have a place in my lifestyle. I'd wouldn't mind showing a little thight but these show too much.

So for me knee lenght is right ans as I say for work, perfect. Maybe these.

Now for dates that would be different. Dinner out, a movies ... then you want to be a little bolder.

Maybe there is a special dinner party, well we can cover that too.

So versatile and so feminine.

Turn heads, show a little leg and feel feminine doing it.

Don't throw the dresses out, wear skirts too.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
6 Responses Sep 30, 2008

I like your post. I just wish it was more acceptable for me to wear one all the time. Hate pants! Love the feel of airiness and the feel of the swish around the legs.

A really great post Josie!

Skirts and dresses are always very much more feminine than trousers. I have worked in an office for the same company for 26 years now and worn a dress, skirt suit or skirt with blouse, jumper or twinset every single day. Some of the other women come to work in trousers but, for me, it just wouldn't feel right.<br />
Likewise I'm a skirt woman for social occasions. I have one pencil skirt, which I seldom wear because it restricts my movement too much. Instead I like A-line, pleated, and panelled skirts reaching to just below the knee for both style an comfort.<br />
I have a pair of white jeans and some dark blue trousers in my wardrobe but I can't honestly remember the last time I wore either of them.

I am definitely a dress and skirt woman, but for me they have to be knee length or longer. I guess it my modest up bringing showing through.

I'm definitely too old for a mini. Any other length is fine.

Skirts are very me.