There's just something about wearing a skirt that makes me feel more open and free. I love the movement of the skirt as I walk and the ease of adjusting the skirt and slip as I sit.

When I'm wearing a skirt I have so much more range of style and color. I can decide to be sort of tailored and wear a grey lined suit skirt or get all gypsy and wear a flowing peasant skirt. My skirt reflects my mood.

My favorite skirts are broomstick skirts with lots of color but sort of sheer. With this skirt I can wear a long lace half slip with a hint of lace showing through the skirt and have the slip and skirt caress my ankles and calves as I walk.

All of this said, LOL, I wear dresses much more often because I'm very long waisted and dresses just work better on me.
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5 Responses Aug 18, 2014

i wish to be more womans on the world iin skirt not mostly in trousers you are sos so feminine i love skirt too

mmmm so beautiful

you must look incredible in a sexy.

Men should wear skirts or dresses, loads of freedom, why do women wear trousers, I never do wear jeans or trousers.

I love the feeling of freedom I get when wearing a skirt or thigh length dress!!!