I Am Buying My First Spandex Dress Soon

Yes I admit I thought Spandex was an eighties thing. Then I got chatting to a really nice guy on here who wears spandex trousers/pants as an everyday piece of clothing. He really looks good in them.

One day while shopping for a new swim suit in the sports shop I thought there is no better place than here to find out what the material felt like. I got some spandex sports clothes and tried them on but the style is not me, on the other hand the feel of spandex is lovely.

I am Goth at heart and after splitting from my long term boyfriend of 28 years, I am going back to being a Goth and to make it even more special lots of Goth clothing is a cotton and spandex mixture.

This style of clothing is very sexy as it involves corsets,long black dresses and high heel long leg boots. So here to me being me again.

Dont think I will bother looking now...I can find lots of better clothes. Was going to buy this dress as it seemed a fun idea at the time
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4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

it's always nice to see a woman rediscover spandex :)

Post a pic! :)

I bet you will look amazing! I am thinking of going with you in a Goth way when you get over to this side of the pond.....Spandex feels soooo good, on the skin as it is touched.... it kinda vibrates

and start leaking and pulsating too.

I will have to check......

I bet you will look hot and sexy in it as well